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As a research activity, the Center for World History supports research lectures in world history. 

In conjunction with the all-UC Multi-Campus Research group, "The World History Workshop," the Center for World History also supports the regular conferences of the MRG.

As a pedagogical activity, the Center for World History supports the teaching of world history at UCSC at all instructional levels (lower division, upper division and graduate) through periodic World History Teaching Forums.


As a part of an on-going collective effort at imagining the development of world history as a research field, the Center supports the activities of the UCSC History Graduate Research Cluster on "Global and Trans-National Histories." The research activities of the Center are open to interested UCSC faculty and advanced graduate students, especially historians.

Center for World History

Here you can visit the older version of our site for the Center for World History at UCSC which has many links for important world history sites.

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Production and Consumption

The Summer Seminar on “Production and Consumption in World History” seeks through the study of these embedded histories to understand the successive transformation of the modern world economy over the period 1450-1914 and the role of individuals in it.

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